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Residential and Commercial Disaster Clean-up and Construction Services

Disaster Recovery Check List

Please note this is only to be followed once all threat to person safety is over, no-one is injured and/or in need of medical attention. Your safety is priority.

Keep your safety as a top priority.

Avoid compromised structures, stay out of standing water, if you smell gas leave, gather warm/dry clothing if possible and  wash your hands often,

Immediate Check List after Disaster (flood, hurricane, burst pipe, sewage back up, fire)

- Contact Insurance Provider, state the nature of the disaster and time of disaster.

- Document all conversations with insurance, city/state personnel and neighboring parties if your disaster has possibly caused damage on another's property.

- Keep in contact with Eco-Restoration until mobile disaster unit arrives.

- Take Pictures, lots of pictures

- Remove valuables

- Unplug electronics

- Shut off main water supply

- Keep calm and know ERS is here to help.

- Once recovery process begins, ERS will work with you in keeping a complete recovery log of                      everything done along the process from start to end.


Direct Insurance Billing

-If for some reason your insurance doesn't cover the loss we will always work with homeowners on payment.

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